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June 4, 2008
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
     Rob could only stand there, dumbstruck at the scene before him. His best friend's brother was standing in front of them, half naked, and slowly becoming more and more blue. Rob knew what was going on inside Zack's body at that moment; slowly, the guy's body was becoming filled with blue, gooey juice. Blueberry juice, to be exact. He had seen the same thing happen less than an hour ago, with Hallie, Zack's older sister by two years.
     It was the gum. They had left it sitting there, right on the end table in the living room when it fell into Zack's hands. Now, he stood there with a bloated belly, which was slowly expanding outwards. He was in shock; all he could do was stare down at his body and wonder what was happening.
     "Rob, you have to get him out of here!"
     "Me? Where can I take him, why me?"
     "I can't take him! I'm his sister!" She leaned close to his ear. "You know how we have to get this out, I'm not doing it!"
      " won't be right if it's me! I', remember? And he's your brother!"
      Hallie grasped his shoulders and looked him in the eye. "It'll be weird no matter what. Look at him! There is no way any of this will possibly be normal!"
     At that moment, they heard Zack whimper pathetically. "Umm...guys?" They turned back towards him to find a basketball-sized belly hanging firmly over his swimming trunks.
     "Okay," Hallie said quickly, "take him to the basement, 'kay?" She walked to her brother and began pushing him closer to Rob. "It's concrete down there, so it'll all be easier to clean up."
     "Whoa," said Zack, his voice cracking. "What's gonna happen? How are you gonna make it stop?"
     "Don't worry, it won't hurt. I promise," Hallie said, placing a hand on her brother's shoulder.
     With that, Rob took hold of Zack's hand and led him towards the basement. Walking through the hallways soon became a bit of a challenge, and the two of them ended in the basement with Zack having waddled the last hundred or so feet.
      "Alright..." Rob started tentatively, "let's" He walked around Zack's slowly inflating body, examining the damage. The swelling had already spread to his legs, arms, and buttocks, causing his trunks to become extremely taut.
     Rob knew that the suit would have to go, before it became painfully tight. Before he could mention it, however, a long, steady ripping sound tore through the air. Zack let out a gasp. He had gotten off lucky though. The legs had ripped, but the elastic held well, preserving his modesty.
     "Alright, Zack...I know this is awkward, but we've just gotta do what we've gotta do to get through this."
     "What? What exactly do we have to do?" he asked nervously.
     "We've gotta...we've gotta get all's juice that's inside you, and we have to get it out through your...well, through your...your privates..." Rob had never felt more awkward. He couldn't even make eye contact with Zack,and he felt like a jerk for that.
     "What?! No way!"
     "Look, you gotta, it's the only way!"
     "Well, what happens if I don't?"
     "If you don't?" Rob looked over Zack's body, watching the growth take place before his eyes. The kid could hardly keep his arms straight against his sides, and his neck was slowly disappearing into his body. "If you don't, this will only get worse. Much worse. You'll become perfectly round and you won't be able to move at all. Is that really a better answer?"
      Zack closed his eyes. His brow was furrowed, and his lip was quivering slightly. "Look," Rob went on, "don't even think about me, just..close your eyes and try to think about something else that's going on outside of here."
      Rob could see that the blueberry boy in front of him understood finally what needed to be done. While he kept his eyes tightly shut, Rob approached him. Now that the time had actually come to do what they had to, it was a very different feeling than just saying it. He slowly reached out and let his hand hover for a few moments inches away from Zack's awaiting penis.
      The pause ended, and he felt his hand make a connection with the front of Zack's torn trunks. He placed the other against the cool, expanding flesh, and slowly began to reach his hand between his legs.
      "Think about the hottest girl you know, kay? Think about...Eva, the cheerleader girl. Think about how big her boobs are, eh?" Zack began to laugh, his whole body shaking, but Rob definitely felt the rod twitch slightly. "Imagine, what do you think she'd look like naked? Or in just a really, tight bra, you know? And...and, you know, she wants you, of course. She wants you, and she'd be willing to do anything for you."
     Zack quickly became hard, and rob began doing what he could to help the kid out. But he couldn't help himself, and felt his own body respond accordingly. Shit, he thought. Not only do I like guys, but even giant blueberry guys do it for me? Nevertheless, he continued to rhythmically slide his hand over Zack's shaft, using the available, blue fluid as lube.
     He noticed that Zack began to moan. You're not making this any easier for me, Zack, you know that right? Rob thought, trying to ignore his own tented trousers. He could only try to distract himself by helping Zack's fantasies. "The entire cheerleading squad, eh? All in nothing but their thongs and their...wet A-shirts, and they all want you, more than anything else." He wrapped his arm around Zack's now rounded shoulders while the other pumped away. "Eva presses her body up against yours," -as Rob was now doing- "and she says 'Oh, Zack! Do me, right now!' and she thrusts her tits right up against you and forces your hand to fondle and stroke them."
     Zack was breathing heavily now, and Rob could feel various muscles spaz and clench. He rubbed his non-busy hand against Zack's tight skin, kneading and caressing his back. He was nearly completely spherical now; all that showed of his hands were his fingertips, peeking out from within his body, and his legs had long since become nothing more than large, fleshy mounds of their own. The swimming trunks have, of course, long abandoned his body.
     Suddenly, Rob heard the breath catch in Zack's throat. He looked and saw his mouth gaping open, and felt a massive twitch of his rod, before the eruption. Blue, sticky good flowed powerfully from Zack's rock hard erection, drenching Rob's hand and the cement in front of them. Rob knew that this was the beginning of a lengthy emptying process.
     He continuously rubbed his body up against Zack's, while stimulating the flow with his hand. The end was nowhere in sight, but Rob noticed that the distinctive sphere shape was becoming less apparent now. Zack was slowly shrinking back to his own size and shape, grunting in orgasmic pleasure the whole while.
     Soon, his arms appeared again, and he immediately grasped Rob and pulled him close to his side, digging his nails into his forearm. The puddle at their feet grew, but still, Zack's flow would not ebb.
     Rob was a little daring, being horny himself, and decided to feel around with his loose hand. He ran it down Zack's back and gently stroked it over his ass. He began to grope and grab and grip, but Zack did not protest. Still thinking about the cheerleaders, I'm sure, Rob thought to himself. Still, that didn't prevent him from exploring as much of Zack's body as he wanted. There was something quite nice in feeling the juice rush out from within the skin, and enjoyed that feeling up until Zack began to lose the shade of blue which had covered his body.
     From his head and his toes, the pale tan color seemed to take over the blue, and soon, the only blue was concentrated to the area directly around Zack's privates. A few seconds later, that was gone a well, and the intense flow came to a halt.
    Zack stood there naked, panting. His legs were shaky, and he lost his balance. Rob caught him before he hit the floor, and led him carefully over to the staircase, where they both took a seat. They sat there like that for minutes before the silence was broken by a knocking on the door.
     "Hey guys!" Hallie called through the closed door. "Did everything go okay, is it done? Can I come in yet?"
     "No, not yet!" Rob hollered back up. "Bring down some clothes for Zack!"
      They heard Hallie run off to the other end of the house, and Rob looked down at Zack. "How're you feeling?" he asked.
     "I'm fine. It's just...shocking. But... it know, kinda nice...I guess."
     "Yeah, I'll bet. A twenty minute orgasm? Gotta be amazing!" Zack laughed loudly, avoiding eye contact. "Hey," Rob began again, "I'm sorry it was so awkward and weird. We never have to talk about this again, 'kay?"
     "Yeah, maybe that'd be good." They sat there again, in silence, waiting for the clothes to arrive. Zack sat a step below Rob, covering up his privates and looking away, blushing, while Rob tried as best he could to hide the remnants of his hard on from moments before. As they heard Hallie running back from upstairs, Zack turned back. "Rob," he began, but then paused. "I...well...thank you."
I am insanely tired right now, so I apologize for the horrible spelling errors you may run across and the lack of creative word usage. It's hard to make use of your mental thesaurus running on 5 hours of sleep 18 hours ago ~_~

Anyways, this is the sequel to the blueberry gum story ("blueberry..with gum II" is an even less creative title than the first one :P) This is MALE BLUEBERRY INFLATION if you don't like it don't read and stfu.

I really had something relevant to say here, but that was like, an hour ago and I can't be expected to remember, lol
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remcolyxy Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013
make a new one like this, with two boys.. etc
Darkstarphx01 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012
Just happened to find this story while Browsing and its Great! Its great to see some Male / Male inflation (Blueberry) of an Adult nature.
Good Work.
inflator Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012
Thanks! It is a bit more difficult to find good maleBerry stories, but that makes them all the better when they're found, right? I least one more in my gallery somewhere...
remcolyxy Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2012
this made me kinda gay.. xp
inflator Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012
Haha!! Sorry about that! Unless you don't mind, in which case you're welcome?
the1darkmoon Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2010
how old is Zack?
inflator Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
I can't remember. Wasn't too into this series...
earth-maiden-Chris Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2008
This makes me think of that old movie with the candy. Willy Wonka I think thats what it was called it had the same actor in it as the one in the movie Young Frankenstien (I think I spelled that right). I love old movies they just seem to have more class the some of the newer ones but I'm old so you must have no idea what I'm talking about. Hey have you seen the movie Princess Bride, or Pretty Women I love those movies but I hate Slience of the lambs. Good work on the story but your still a pervert (no harse feelings I hope).
inflator Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2008
Willy Wonka= love
Young Frankenstein= love
Princess Bride= love
Pretty Woman= never saw
Silence of the Lambs= never saw

I think old movies are fantastic! When we watch them, we aren't expecting their graphics to be phenomenal, and so we can look past that and really appreciate them for the story =)
earth-maiden-Chris Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2008
You should see Pretty Woman it is a good movie its about a whore who is bought by this rich guy. Sorry for using the word whore but anyways he treats her real nice and I won't tell you the end because you need to go see it.
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